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Geofortis is developing innovative technologies and products to solve an increasingly severe challenge to the concrete industry.  At the core of Geofortis is an age-old pozzolan mineral.

Before the widespread use of coal combustion waste by-products as concrete additives, natural pozzolans were successfully used as a raw ingredient in concrete to improve performance and durability.

As the electric utility industry has moved away from coal to natural gas or sustainable resources, the need for safe and environmentally attractive alternatives to coal combustion waste by-products has increased. Geofortis is bringing natural pozzolans that have a proven track record of meeting these needs back to the market.

Geofortis Pozzolans

UC Davis Demonstration

UC Davis Demonstration of a Geofortis Pozzolan Blend

Geofortis – From Pozzolans to Products Panel Discussion about the Future of Natural Pozzolans Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow An Interview with Jim Pierce – Past President of ACI and Chairman of ASTM Listen to Dr. Marie Jackson on The Use of Natural Pozzolans In the Past and Future Dr. Doug Hooton provides his insights into pozzolans past, present and future An Interview with Bud Werner on The Use of Natural Pozzolans In the Past and Future Dr. Michael Thomas discusses the use of pozzolans in the concrete and cement Industry past, present, and future Tim Dolen discusses natural pozzolans past, present and future. Introduction to a Series of Interviews and Discussions on the Use of Natural Pozzolans in the Concrete Industry


Geofortis Pozzolans is developing state of the art products to enhance and/or replace fly ash in concrete. Our dedicated Research and Development team has conducted thousands of tests over 3 years to identify and prove the efficacy of natural pozzolans for concrete additives. We have worked with many large concrete producers to establish a market presence and acceptance. Geofortis Pozzolans has designed a processing plant to mill and blend the pozzolan and other ingredients at our 18-acre plant site in Reno, NV.

From ancient Roman pozzolan concrete structures that have stood for millennia to modern concrete structures and products, natural pozzolans have a demonstrated ability to produce high performance and durable concrete. Innovations in product development and changing market forces now allow Geofortis to bring back a superior and proven natural pozzolan to meet the demand for high performance and cost-effective concrete solutions.

The Product

Geofortis Pozzolans will produce, sell, ship and provide services for our natural pozzolans to customers in the western US. Our proprietary products replace a portion of the Portland cement in concrete. Portland cement is the “glue” that holds concrete together, and pozzolans serve to improve the strength, chemical resistance, and durability of concrete products at a lower cost of production. Production of Portland cement is a very high source of carbon emissions, and our products help customers achieve environmental goals as well. Our products will initially be sold in bulk and delivered by rail and truck to Northern California, Nevada, and select markets in Salt Lake City, Eastern Washington, and Idaho.

Geofortis Pozzolans is developing a mineral processing facility in Reno, Nevada. We purchased a unique rail served vacant property in 2015. The facility under development exists directly on a rail line that will provide economical shipment throughout the western United States. Our site is just minutes from a freeway and within a one-day driving distance of markets throughout California, Nevada, Oregon and as far east as Salt Lake City.

Our R&D team performs chemical analysis, geological analysis, proof of concept testing, process design, and material testing to refine, supplement, and create new materials. We perform these services using internal resources and by working with independent laboratories so that we can take advantage of the best equipment and industry knowledge available.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will the Geofortis’ Pozzolans be calcined?
  • Will the Geofortis Pozzolan be an ASTM C618 approved material?
  • How much Geofortis Pozzolan raw material does Geofortis control?
  • How consistent is the source?
  • Will there be technical support for the use of Geofortis’ pozzolans?
  • Is Geofortis pozzolan going to replace fly ash or Portland cement?
  • Which geographic markets will Geofortis serve?
  • What is pozzolan and what does it do?

No, new grinding technology and better understanding of the product allow the use in natural form, ground to the proper fineness and gradation.

Yes, testing demonstrates excellent results and will exceed ASTM C618 and other industry standards.

Geofortis has conducted surface and core sampling over our 3,000 acres of mineral claims and an independent geologist estimates over 150 million tons of pozzolan material is present.

Our geologic, mineralogical and chemical testing and quality control processes provide confidence in the consistency and reliability of our products.

Yes, Mike Donovan is our President with over 30 years of experience in the concrete industry.  He oversees our technical support and QA/QC staff to work directly with customers and their engineers and technicians to develop mix designs, troubleshoot production questions, and optimize cost effectiveness.

Pozzolans typically replace a portion of the Portland cement in concrete mixtures as one type of Supplementary Cementitious Materials (SCM).  Our pozzolan may be used in place of or in combination with other SCMs, such as fly ash, to maximize efficiency and performance of concrete mixtures.

Our current mineral reserves are near Reno, NV and we have purchased and begun development of an 18 acre industrial site in Reno.  These can serve most of California to Salt Lake City and the Pacific Northwest by rail and Northern California and Nevada by truck.  We are also evaluating additional pozzolan sources in other areas of the US to replicate our Reno operations.

A pozzolan is a material consisting of non-crystalline silica and alumina which, in itself, possesses little or no cementitious value but which will, in finely divided form and in the presence of water, react chemically with calcium hydroxide at ordinary temperature to form compounds possessing cementitious properties.  When Portland cement and water react, they form calcium silica hydrates (CSH), the “glue” that gives concrete or mortar its strength.  Calcium hydroxide is a byproduct of this reaction and is detrimental to concrete performance.  Pozzolans convert that calcium hydroxide to CSH, improving the strength, durability and performance of concrete.

For More Information on Pozzolans

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Geofortis Processing & Logistics

Natural Products For A Better Tomorrow

Geofortis Processing and Logistics is developing a mineral processing facility in Reno, Nevada. We purchased this unique rail served vacant property in 2015.  The facility exists directly on a rail line that will provide economical shipment throughout the western United States.  Our site is just minutes from a freeway and within a one-day driving distance of markets throughout California, Nevada, Oregon and as far east as Salt Lake City.

We have selected the milling, mixing, and handling equipment to complete the processing facility to produce supplementary cementitious materials, including pure natural pozzolan and blended products with fly ash and other pozzolans. The equipment has been selected to specifically meet the requirements of our pozzolans and to meet our customer’s needs and demands. Our current plans are to bring this facility online as quickly as possible without sacrificing the integrity of the design, installation and testing of the equipment to ensure that we can produce products to the highest standards.

Our facility will also house state-of-the art testing and quality control instrumentation to ensure the consistency and quality of our processed products are delivered to specification. Our reputation for exceptional and reliable products is intended to be the hallmark of our processing and logistics business units.

The facility is planned to be created and organized to support contract mineral processing in the Reno, Nevada area. If you are interested in learning more about our mineral processing plans and capabilities, please contact us directly to learn more.

Geofortis Minerals

Supplying a Natural Alternative

Geofortis Minerals currently develops and manages our 3,000-acre mineral resource in Northern California. We have rights to an estimated 150+ million tons of a consistent natural pozzolan known as Lassenite™ that is easily mined from the surface.  The Geofortis mine is located directly on a major state highway just 20 minutes from our plant, making the shipment of our mineral reliable and cost-effective.

Activity at the mining site includes extraction, drying, and truck loading capabilities.  We work diligently with all stakeholders at the local, regional, state, and federal level to ensure that we are compliant with all regulatory requirements to operate our mine safely and without harm to our employees, the local community, or the environment. Our reclamation plans will leave the land in healthy condition for the generations to come.

Geofortis Minerals is exploring other natural pozzolan resources throughout the western US.  We have obtained exclusive rights to develop natural pozzolan mine sites in Utah and are in discussions with additional resources to support our customers’ needs.

Soil Amendment

Preserving Precious Resources


Geofortis Lassenite® has been sold as a soil amendment for over a decade for use in sports turf, golf courses and agriculture. Customers bought Lassenite® for Its fine, porous structure that holds water for plant use and improves irrigation efficiency by as much as 35% – 50% depending on the specific application. In certain environments it has also been shown to reduce compaction, improve soil aeration and improve fertilization efficiency.

With water conservation as a global imperative for improved agricultural production, Geofortis is developing enhanced soil amendment products in partnerships with academic researchers, growers associations, trade groups, and water districts interested in improving the health and viability of plants while conserving water usage.

The Product

Geofortis’ Lassenite® consists of microscopic diatoms embedded in volcanic ash, which provides high porosity and capillary water holding capacity. It holds nearly its own weight of water. When appropriately applied as a soil amendment, Lassenite® can yield a high percentage of its water to plant roots and prevent water from percolating out of reach. These factors result in greater irrigation conservation and efficiency. Depending on the climate, soil conditions and specific plants, water savings have been demonstrated to be up to 35-50%.

Lassenite® is a stable mineral that will not decompose, degrade or diminish in beneficial properties. Once it is mixed with soil and remains in situ, it will continue to perform. For further information on purchasing Lassenite® as a soil amendment please contact:

Research & Development

Geofortis is actively engaging expert teams of agronomists, plant scientists, soil scientists, and hydrologists from major research institutes and academia to assist in developing improved soil amendment products, as well as delivery and application methodologies. We are building on commercial research and field trials of Lassenite® completed over the last 10 years.

As an example of one of our strategic partnerships, we are working with Desert Research Institute (DRI) and the research arm of the Nevada System of Higher Education. DRI is a cutting-edge global applied research organization with extensive plant, soil and water conservation research facilities and scientists. DRI is working with Geofortis to improve our products to deliver enhanced plant productivity and irrigation efficiency. For further information on DRI’s review of literature on our Lassenite® and similar materials, please follow the following link to a summary of their findings.

For more information on our work with DRI

Geofortis Labs

Innovation in Pozzolan Blends

Electron Microscope images of our natural pozzolans

Geofortis Labs performs research and product development to support new uses of our natural pozzolans. We focus our R&D efforts on identified high value market opportunities that will fulfill an unmet market need. We also prioritize our work based upon speed to market but without compromising the development of a superior product.

Our R&D team performs chemical analysis, geological analysis, proof of concept testing, process design, and material testing to refine, supplement, and create new materials for applications such as concrete additives, pet litter, water management, heat resistance, paint additives, and flame retardants. For further information about these products please contact:

If you are interested in learning more about our R&D programs or are interested in collaborating on the development of our pozzolan products and services, please contact us.

Contact Us


We bring over 30 years of experience in the cement, concrete and construction industry to the solutions, products and services we deliver to the market.

Jim Bowen

CEO and Board Member

Jim brings over 12 years of experience in the construction industry to Geofortis and over 40 years experience in finance, accounting, business development and operations.

David McMurty

Chief Operating Officer

Dave has over 35 years of experience in engineering and construction management and specializes in innovation. As a former executive within a large E&C firm with 8 recent years of startup experience, he brings Geofortis operations expertise to deliver quality, reliability and efficiency.

Mike Donovan P.E., FACI

President Geofortis Pozzolans

Mike brings over 30 years of experience in the cement and concrete industry to Geofortis. He serves on a number of American Concrete Institute and CALCIMA committees including as a member of the ACI 240 National Pozzolans committee.

Tim Alford

Vice President of Finance

Tim has in-depth knowledge about financing, financial structuring, and developing funding agreements.


We have an experienced and valuable advisory board that actively participates in assisting Geofortis review its business strategy, market opportunities, and our fund’s growth and development. For more information about our board of directors, please contact us at

Mickael Flaa


Mickael has 20 years of successful financial and executive management background and he brings deep experience from his 22 years at KPMG.

Carl Marrs

Board Member

Carl has over 14 years experience as an executive that has provided substantial dividends and returns for investors during his stewardship.

Grant Gordon

Board Member

Grant has over 27 years experience in the biotech & mining sectors building and developing private and public Companies from startup through liquidity events.

Corey Flaa

Board Member

Corey is a serial entrepreneur with experience in all aspects of operations and finance. He has helped public and private companies achieve their objectives.

Latest News

For the Latest News, Updates and Information on Geofortis

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  • Geofortis Pozzolans Completes Full Scale Demonstration of New Product
  • Survey at ACI Milwaukee Sets SCM Blend Priorities
  • ACI Denver Natural Pozzolan Survey
  • Video Series on Natural Pozzolans
  • Mike Donovan Joins Geofortis
  • Cal Minerals becomes Geofortis

RENO, Nev. (June 16, 2017) – The Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada (EDAWN) announced today that Geofortis Pozzolans is opening a state of the art cementitious material, mineral processing facility in Reno, Nevada. Development of the 30,000 sf facility is expected to commence in August with processing operations to start by April 2018. The company plans to hire more than 200 employees by end of Year 5 and will be investing upwards of $20 million in capital expenditures. Geofortis also received incentives from the Governor’s Office of Economic Development.

The new Geofortis operation will have specialized milling, mixing, and handling equipment in its processing plant to produce supplementary cementitious material, including natural pozzolan blended with other products.

Geofortis uses a natural pozzolan formed by volcanic ash deposited over thousands of years in a fresh water lake populated by diatomaceous algae (Northern California). This material has the potential to solve many of the technical challenges facing the concrete industry that are related to concrete quality, integrity, color and greenhouse emissions. As far back as 126 A.D. natural pozzolans were used in ancient structures like the Pantheon in Rome, Italy. Geofortis’ natural pozzolan has been successfully used in projects such as the Auburn Dam, Los Melones Dam, Palos Verdes nuclear power plant and the Trans-Canada Highway.

“We’re very excited to begin building and production at our Reno site and becoming part of the Nevada business community.  The favorable local factors including skilled labor, favorable energy rates, and the positive business initiatives of government authorities were a major factor in choosing the area,” said Tim Alford, Geofortis VP Finance. “We see eye-to-eye with the pro-growth spirit and owe a great deal of gratitude to the folks at EDAWN, particularly Stan Thomas, and the Governor’s Office of Economic Development.”

Georfortis will soon commence hiring to fill positions in construction, truck drivers, equipment operators, plant managers, foremen, QA/QC, marketing/sales and administration staff.

“I’m thrilled to welcome Geofortis Pozzolans to Reno from California,” said Reno Mayor Hillary Schieve. “Not only will they enjoy the great quality of life and sense of community we have here in Reno, but I think they’ll really appreciate our efficient and friendly business environment.”

“The demand for cement and concrete materials is expected to grow as experts are forecasting 7% annually to $4 billion in 2020 and regionally, the demand is at record levels. Geofortis Pozzolans is well positioned in the market to address the growing demand for its products with the addition of its new Reno facility coming online soon,” said Mike Kazmierski, President and CEO of EDAWN.


The Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada is a private/public partnership established in 1983. They are committed to adding quality jobs to the region by recruiting new companies, supporting the success of existing companies, and assisting newly forming companies, to diversify the economy and have a positive impact on the quality of life in Greater Reno-Sparks. For more information,


Norma Yamaji
EDAWN, Program Manager, Business Development

Reno, NV. February 17, 2017 – Geofortis Pozzolans announced the completion of a successful demonstration of its latest Supplementary Cementitious Material (SCM) product in conjunction with the UC Davis Department of Civil Engineering. This product, a blend of LasseniteTM natural pozzolan and other materials, improves the performance and reduces the cost of concrete. Concrete was batched by Syar Materials at its Rio Linda plant and transported by ready mix truck to the UC campus. A demonstration slab was poured and finished under the supervision of Geofortis’ Mike Donovan and UC Davis lab staff. QC testing was performed by a third party engineering firm.

The demonstration allowed attendees, which included prospective customers, specifying engineers, and representatives from CalTrans, to view the material and interact with the concrete contractor. A presentation about the SCM product and current specification requirements was also provided. A test report will be available in approximately 30 days.

A video showing highlights of the event and comments from the finisher are available by clicking HERE.

Geofortis Pozzolans Completes Full Scale Demonstration of New Product 021717 v2

About Geofortis: Geofortis Pozzolans ( is an SCM technology, and products company focused on serving the concrete industry in the western United States. Based in Reno Nevada., Geofortis Pozzolans is a privately held company. For more news and information on Geofortis, please visit 

Press contacts: Mike Donovan
phone: 925-878-1459

In a survey conducted by Geofortis during the April ACI conference in Milwaukee WI, survey respondents reported unequivocally that custom SCM blends will be important in addressing the problems of the concrete industry today and tomorrow.  Priorities are in four areas that custom SCM blends need to address. To learn more about these priorities follow this link: ACI Milwaukee Survey Report

In a survey conducted by Geofortis during the November ACI conference, on average respondents reported that natural pozzolans are very important to solving the cement and concrete industries supplemental cementitious material issues.  Additionally, respondents see the quality of aggregates as a severe issue and access to quality fly ash as a very severe issue.  Perhaps of greater concern, respondents were worried about the quality of concrete that is being produced today for multi-tenant, commercial, and large infrastructure projects.  More detailed information about the survey can be found here: ACI Denver Survey on Natural Pozzolans

Geofortis is pleased to announce the production of a series of video interviews and a panel discussion on the use of natural pozzolans from the past, present and future, to address the needs of the concrete and construction industry. This series will be released in January and early February of 2016 and was filmed during the November 2015 ACI convention in Denver Colorado.  Experts discuss the potential of natural pozzolans to address issues that the concrete industry is facing today and in the near future.

The series includes commentary from the leading pozzolan experts in the industry. The production was sponsored by Geofortis to stimulate new ideas, resurrect old ideas, share knowledge and fuel discussions about pozzolans and how they can improve the durability and sustainability of concrete. To view the introduction to the series click here.


MORAGA, Calif., April 13, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Geofortis today announced that Mike Donovan, formerly the Director of Quality Assurance and Research for Central Concrete, has joined Geofortis Natural Pozzolans as President, reporting directly to the Geofortis Natural Pozzolan’s Board of Directors. This news comes as the ACI Concrete Convention in Kansas City kicks off and coincides with Geofortis’s name change from Cal Minerals to Geofortis, reflecting the company’s broader natural pozzolan commitment.

“I am thrilled that Mike Donovan has joined our team,” said Mickael Flaa, Chairman of the Geofortis Board of Directors. “He brings a wealth of experience and knowledge about the concrete industry to our company. He also shares our values and our focus on providing innovative geopolymer products and services to the concrete industry. Mike has shown himself to be an extraordinary leader throughout his career and has a proven track record.

” Donovan will have overall responsibility for the strategic direction, expansion and operation of Geofortis Natural Pozzolans, which will be supplying a proven high performance natural pozzolan to the concrete industry.

Mike Donovan and Geofortis will be attending the ACI Concrete Convention in Kansas City starting April 13th and we look forward to seeing you there. (More information on ACI can be found at

About Geofortis:
Geofortis ( is a diversified geopolymer technology and manufacturing company focused on serving customers in the western United States seeking natural pozzolan products and services. Based in Moraga, CA., Geofortis is a privately held company. For more news and information on Geofortis, please visit


Press Contacts:
Jim Bowen
phone: (305) 509-1615

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MORAGA, Calif., April 13, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Cal Minerals Inc. – a supplier of natural pozzolans to the western United States – announced today that it is changing its corporate name to Geofortis The name change reflects the company’s broader natural pozzolan commitment and its expertise in driving the innovations needed to shape the future of natural pozzolans as a geopolymer across a broad range of industry needs.

Geofortis will be attending the ACI Concrete Convention in Kansas City starting April 13th and we look forward to seeing you there. (More information on ACI can be found at

“The new name – Geofortis – allows us to emphasize our wide-ranging business objective around changing the way geopolymers are delivered and used by companies seeking natural and safe solutions to achieve their product performance needs. Our goal is to provide cost effective access to natural pozzolans while providing enhanced performance and quality products,” said Jim Bowen, President of Cal Minerals, soon to be Geofortis.

Geofortis includes the company’s concrete and cement replacement products and services division. It also includes its planned mining and mineral processing divisions as well as potential additional geopolymer divisions for soil amendments, flame retardants, and specialty mineral raw materials.

Along with the new name, Geofortis has developed a new corporate logo and website that can be found at The name change will be made effective over the next 2 weeks.

About Geofortis:
Geofortis ( is a diversified geopolymer technology and manufacturing company that intends to serve customers in the western United States seeking natural pozzolan products and services. Based in Moraga, CA., Geofortis is a privately held company. For more news and information on Geofortis, please visit


Press Contacts:
Jim Bowen
phone: (305) 509-1615

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